The Grand Village Resort.

Weissenhaus Corporate Identity 2013

The Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa on picturesque Hoh­wachter Bay in Schleswig-Holstein has breathed new life into a quaint 400-year-old noble estate, rebrand­ing it as a resort synonymous with luxury. MUTABOR was con­tracted to create a cor­porate identity that reflects the village’s unique atmosphere and the luxury resort’s high degree of sophis­tication.

Based on the noble family’s crest, two meerkats, MUTABOR designed an umbrella logo and several sub-logos for the resort’s gastro­nomical and cultural establish­ments, each of which embodies the core message of each facility. Coherent colors in graphics and imagery alike as well as a detailed typo­graphical system create a message which evokes both poetic elegance and modest crafts­manship.

The core concept and motif of the cor­porate design is the map of the area – an indispensable and necessary aspect of all communi­cations pertaining to the ex­pansive resort. The area map in a classic fold-out format forms the basis for all printed materials. A miniature version of the map is featured on the case of the room key cards. Further­more, all digital content is based on the plan matrix and inte­grated into a responsive design system.

The resort furnishings comple­ment the luxu­rious­ness of the property and blend seam­lessly into the internal archi­tecture.

Collaborating Partners

  • Soenne - Architecture photographer