Keeping it rolling.

Volkswagen-Magazine 2003–2011

For nearly a decade, MUTABOR was at the wheel of the inter­national edition of the Volkswagen Magazine. During this time, MUTABOR placed a high importance on story­telling that went well beyond the limi­tations of the products them­selves. Stories of mobility and life­style infused the brand with emotion, while high-quality, authentic imagery, contem­porary graphic language and a concise layout contributed to the new premium feel of the magazine. Simultane­ously, MUTABOR further developed the magazine to become an integral part of an inte­grated media strategy, which linked the print edition to the iPad app and digital offerings, such as news­letters, to foster a new reading culture and reach new target groups.
Within the frame­work of the colla­boration, MUTABOR concept­ualized additional measures, including organizing an inter­national photo­graphy contest to mark the 30-year anni­versary of the VW Golf. College students devised creative con­cepts to depict the cultural significance of the vehicle according to the motto “Golf loves Europe, Europe loves Golf.”

Collaborating Partners

  • Golf loves Europe Project
  • Simon Puschmann
  • Gulliver Theis
  • He&Me Photographers
  • Benjamin Hartwig
  • antonia gern photography
  • Heinrich Heidersberger