A New Generation of Shop.

Brand development for Uzwei 2014


MUTABOR was commissioned to develop the image of the newly opened ‘little sister’ shop operated by traditional Hamburg fashion retailer Unger. Specifically, it had to do justice to the store’s focus in terms of trends while meeting the demands of a younger, female target audience. The editorial shop takes the concept of a fashion magazine and translates it into a retail space. It offers the finest selection of trendy labels, flowers and beauty products in addition to a coffee shop, all in an atmosphere that invites people to spend time and find inspiration.


The visual image has elements that reflect the shop’s relationship to its traditional parent company combined with modern stylistic touches. The letter ‘U’ from Unger was turned into ‘Uzwei’ for the second store. The result is a striking word mark with an expressive pattern that is reminiscent of light dancing on water – a visual representation of the shop’s location next to the canal. Alluding to the textile heritage of Unger, the letters that make up ‘zwei’ look like embroidery. The copper element, meanwhile, is derived from the Kaisergalerie shopping centre in Hamburg, which houses the main store and whose characteristic architecture features the same metal.


The haute couture section has separate branding in traditional black and white with copper elements. The other sections of the shop are presented as sub-brands with a rough look: Uzwei flowers, Uzwei deli and Uzwei cashmere. This approach supports the marketplace character of the store. MUTABOR also helped Florian Braun, the owner of Uzwei, to apply the new visual image to the interior design, creating branding for the facade and shop window, a distinctive check-out area and a floor mosaic of the logo. Another highlight is the ceiling-height light sculpture that interprets the Uzwei pattern in various colours depending on the time of day.


The corporate design provides a wide range of possibilities. While the ‘U’ always remains consistent, the colours of the pattern can change and the ‘zwei’ lettering can even take on new forms to create a strong visual identity for the sub-brands or to incorporate seasonal themes and trends.
The concept has been applied to all the relevant channels of communication, including business stationery, packaging in all its shapes and sizes, and the store opening campaign.


The new image has created a platform for Uzwei that offers constant flexibility for change and the potential for reinvention over the long term. It has laid the foundation for the further development of Uzwei as a fashion brand. The shop was opened in autumn 2014.


  • Serena Becker
  • Gerhard T. Hertig
  • Bernd Westphal