Playing it cool.

Tom Tailor brand and collection relaunch 2014


TOM TAILOR is one of the most well-known German life­style brands in the world. The brand is available in more than 360 stores and at about 7,900 additional sales points in 35 countries. In times of intense com­petition and in­creasingly de­manding target groups, the TOM TAILOR brand needed to be repositioned textually and visually to underpin its optimum market position in the long term. MUTABOR was con­tracted to develop a new brand strategy and brand identity for TOM TAILOR, both of which were vital in pre­paring the brand for the future.

The TOM TAILOR image em­bodies the revamped brand positioning “New Urban Player”.


Inspired by American culture, TOM TAILOR’s new positioning was defined as “New Urban Player”, while its re­vamped brand slogan reads “Life is a game. Play it. Be confident. Dress in style”. These two mantras formed the basis for all sub­sequent measures.


By working closely with the TOM TAILOR design depart­ment, we were able to transfer the new positioning to pro­duct strategy. To this end, the TOM TAILOR collection was divided into three fashion worlds which simultane­ously represent the new brand values: Urban – Fashion – Gear. Moreover, MUTABOR was respon­sible for all matters per­taining to bran­ding, labeling, packa­ging and trade fair communication.


The visuals for the new TOM TAILOR brand concept inte­grate historical brand values and modern ele­ments of style. For example, the year of establish­ment, 1962, was made an integral part of the brand pre­sence. The well-known and well-established “Oval T” logo was stripped down for a simpler, higher quality and lighter feel and state­ment. Additionally, the new TOM TAILOR brand incor­porates the “TT” stripes to set a new color accent that places an attention-grabbing pink next to a classic blue for a dynamic state­ment of contrast. The restyled image supports the new playful, confident and cool brand position in an urban environ­ment. Four fonts work together to create a powerful image which is typically based on a typo­graphic mix to under­score and high­light the brand’s versatility.

The three fashion worlds Authentic Urban Wear, American College Sports and Contemporary Urban Style are re­presented in the labeling.


The TOM TAILOR re­branding was pre­sented for the first time at leading fashion fair “Bread and Butter” in Berlin from January 14th to 16th, 2014. Both the new collection and the fresh brand design resonated positively with the industry professionals present. The new brand presence will be imple­mented across TOM TAILOR ad­vertising and retail outlets as of August 2014.

The TOM TAILOR trade fair booth at the Bread & Butter Berlin, January 2014.

Collaborating Partners

  • Freibauten GmbH
  • Bernd Westphal