The resurrection of the Latin wine.

ÔMINA ROMANA brand identity 2013


A business­man with a passion for wine established a vine­yard in the Alban Hills located just outside the gates of Rome – with a clear vision of restoring the Lazio grape to its former inter­national glory. The objective was to develop an integrated brand presence starting at square one.

Omina Romana

Hoch­wertige Foto­grafien des Wein­gutes bilden einen Grund­stein der Brand Iden­tity.


First, the inter­national wine market was analyzed along with intensive studies of Lazio regional topo­graphy and its Etruscan history. In close cooperation with its founder, MUTABOR then developed a market presence that relates more to inter­national beverage brands than to classical vine­yards.

Omina Romana


The ÔMINA ROMANA brand hovers between the pillars of soul (inspiration and science) and body (origin and manu­facturing ethos). These two pillars are reflected in all elements of the corporate design and form the basis for the inter­action of the design features.
The name “Ômina Romana” was developed by MUTABOR and inspired by the Etruscans, who hail from the Lazio region. The interpretation of omens (a sign of what’s to come) was at the focus of their religion.
The terroir – volcanic ash soil – paired with the resur­rection of the Lazio wine inspired the logo of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Omina Romana Phoenix


An integrated brand presence spurred by the philosophy of metaphysics. For ÔMINA ROMANA, it is about the connection of science and trade. It is rooted in the values of the brand and is manifested in the name, corporate identity, and packaging as well as in the communication and trade fair concept.

Ômina Romana’s brand iden­tity in print mate­rials.

Ômina Romana’s pack­ag­ing reinter­prets classic Italian wine pack­aging.

Modular special pack­ag­ing based on the prin­ci­ple of a meta­physi­cal triangle.

Omina Romana
Omina Romana

Das Kommunikations- und Messekonzept.

Omina Romana

Die neu entwickelte Corporate Identity wurde auch online angewendet.
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The ÔMINA ROMANA brand was born with the presen­tation of its first four wines of the 2011 vintage at the inter­national wine fairs in spring 2013. The phoenix soars towards an inter­national future.

Omina Romana

Collaborating Partners

  • superReal GmbH, Gerald Bucher, Andreas Keller, Daniel Cramer