Celebrating football memories.

Design concept celebrating 125 years of the Hamburger Sport-Verein (HSV) 2012

To mark the 125th anni­versary of the HSV, the Hamburg-based soccer club asked MUTABOR to create a campaign that authen­tically reflected its storied tradition. The result was a modern design concept with a flexible set of visuals con­sisting of striking graphical ele­ments that could be com­bined to fit a variety of mediums and which optically re­interprets the core message of the club: “HSV – ein Traditions­verein in Be­wegung” (HSV – Tradition in Motion).

At the heart of the visual lan­guage is the charac­teristic HSV symbol, the diamond. This classic HSV symbol can be used in com­bination with additional commemorative anniversary visuals, as it was done in the anni­versary collec­tion designed by MUTABOR. Further­more, we im­plemented a vast array of additional communicative measures, which included immortalizing emotional high­lights from club history in a series of posters featuring top players from various decades, as well as dis­playing their legen­dary jerseys on the tote bags that were distributed to fans when purch­asing jerseys from the current squad in the fan shop.

Collaborating Partners

  • Marc Rehbeck
  • Wilfried Witters Sport-Presse-Fotos GmbH