Targeting the urban youth.

Deutsche Telekom ‘4010’ community store 2008 – 2011


To increase accep­tance of Deutsche Telekom among young, urban target groups, a new concept was devel­oped that not only achieves better brand loyalty for Telekom, but also offers insight into the product pre­ferences of these target groups.


A new type of community store with inter­active and flexible formats was designed for the young target group to identify more with Deutsche Telekom.


The intense and challen­ging process included market research, prototype concept develop­ment, a location search, the implemen­tation itself and a communi­cation concept.
Many proto­type concepts and formats were developed via an inte­grated collabor­ation between the Telekom marketing depart­ment, external youth marketing consul­tation and MUTABOR, before being discussed with the target group through surveys. These concepts and formats included purely digital offerings but also special events.


4010 – The community store
You need to go to the root of the problems, get to know the rules and then change them.
A new shop – 4010 store (RAL 4010 stands for the color Tele­magenta) – was opened featuring an abso­lutely revolutionary under­cover youth store concept in Berlin-Mitte, the heart of the current commercial youth culture. The venue is a store by day and an event lo­cation by night. Here, new products and retail formats are tested and sold regularly. Events, parties, public readings, tutorials, etc., are hosted here as well. Along with the store, advertising, a dedicated web­site and a community were created under the label.


Like a Trojan horse, the 4010 store infil­trated the target group and dis­mantled the image of the “old company” within the target group. What started as an experi­ment now is a permanent fixture in the Berlin-Mitte scene. Since its open­ing in 2008, the store has become the marquee project of the Telekom market­ing division and was the highlight of the Telekom annual report in 2009.
A second 4010 store was opened in Cologne in 2011. Both stores today are both a test lab and standard-bearer of Telekom and generate actual profit as well.
Furthermore, the accep­tance values and the purchase behavior of the young urban target group have developed very positively.

Collaborating Partners

  • CD Plan W. Kaltenbrunner GmbH, NavigationLab, Schröder+Schömbs Public Relations GmbH, Die Krieger des Lichts GmbH, PARAT