A closer look at sustain­ability.

Clariant sustain­ability campaign 2013

For chemical company Clariant, acting sustain­ably is more than just a matter of company philosophy. It’s a service that its clients profit from directly. MUTABOR has developed a campaign consisting of adverts, as well as online and offline promotions, to highlight the benefits of sustainable action. These adverts have been optimized to encourage the target audience to visit the Clariant sustainability website and engage with the topic more deeply.
The creative thread: if sustainability is present in each of Clariant’s actions, then it must also be present in every detail of a Clariant solution. The images display the icons that embody the company’s products and corporate topics, each of which are worth deeper inspection. A magnifying glass reveals either sustainable content or the resources saved thanks to sustainable solutions. The content of a given image is augmented through text.

The campaign images redirect to the Clariant sustain­ability website, which has been respon­sively designed.

→ clariant.com/2013

The “magnifying glass” element show­cases which sustain­able solutions are contained in each individual Clariant product.


Topics from the business traveler’s everyday life inspired the ad­vertising that addresses decision makers in the airport.