What is “precious” in branding?

Clariant brand relaunch 2012


Clariant is a globally active Swiss cor­poration in specialty chemicals with around 22,000 employees. As part of a funda­mental realigne­ment of the company, a new brand identity was to be developed. It should bring to life the brand core of “appreciation” as an ex­pression of esteem, sustain­ability and readi­ness to engage in dialogue.


The ‚Clarity’ image and graphic language, which stands for clarity, trans­parency and space, was the visual foundation used to determine the tonality of all design para­meters and communi­cation activities.
The new logo, a high-quality metallic body shaped as a stylized “C”, accompanied by an un­complicated and forceful word mark, is at the focus. The “badge” as a brand-forming element in all communication is derived from the logo.

Clariant Markenrelaunch 2012


In close cooper­ation with Clariant, represen­tatives of all disciplines at MUTABOR were engaged in an inter­disciplinary process to develop a globally adaptable media package that included all relevant communi­cation channels. MUTABOR also supported the implemen­tation of the brand relaunch at the company with a coaching program.

For brand and product adver­tise­ments, in each case an indi­vidual appli­cation of the brand identity was defined and de­veloped.

A high-quality book with staff por­traits and their per­sonal ans­wers to the question “What is precious to you?” was presen­ted to every staff member to mark the brand launch.


The Clariant brand identity under­went a complete over­haul: corporate design, online, campaign, signage, architecture, 3-D identity, corporate pub­lishing, film and motion design.
An inter­national internal campaign, a brand book and a brand film formed the start for the new brand presence. A specially devel­oped brand room with inter­active exhibits allowed inter­action with the brand.

The new Clariant brand identity is used in all cor­porate materials of the group.

Clariant Markenrelaunch 2012 | Mutabor

Clariant’s 2014 wall calen­dars featured a graphic inter­pretation of chemical ele­ments. The attractive design of the calen­dar pages gives them a dual pur­pose: they can also be used as wrapping paper.

The Clariant brand room en­ables you to ex­perience the new brand identity in a multi-sensual way. It was used for work­shops and manage­ment training semi­nars for two years.

Clariant Markenrelaunch 2012 | Mutabor


In no time at all, a lively glo­bal community filling the brand core with life was created at Clariant. The new approach and the new vision of Clariant were not only expres­sed in a new corporate design, but also established and put into practice as a common atti­tude.

Collaborating Partners

  • Gerald Bucher, Marek Vogel, Convoy Digital Branding