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BMW 2013 IAA


BMW’s objective for the show­case of premium manu­facturers at the world’s most important auto­motive trade­show was to finish at the very top. In addition, one topic was to be set: with BMW i, the vision of electric driving feasible for every­day life. Our task was to orches­trate an experience at IAA and to find a state-of-the-art implemen­tation of the “sheer driving pleasure” brand promise.

BMW IAA 2013
BMW IAA 2013


BMW offers “infinite driving pleasure.” This principle was imple­mented in an architectural gesture that marks a continuation of the active-drive exhibition concept first imple­mented back in 2009. Visitors experienced the “sheer driving pleasure” brand promise first hand by way of the dynamic presen­tation of the vehicles in motion on a driving track resembling an infinity symbol. In particular, the range, and therefore the suitability for every­day use, of the fully electric BMW i3 was to be under­lined, which made its debut at IAA.

BMW IAA 2013


With MUTABOR as the creative lead and general plan­ner, an IAA stand was imple­mented that demon­strated emotionally the “sheer driving pleasure” theme. From the archi­tecture to the work­shops – each indivi­dual area of the stand was tailor-made for conveying this central concept. The trade show creation process – providing for seam­less project oper­ation with standar­dized gateways – made the implemen­tation of this Herculean task possible.

The BMW i walk is strik­ingly staged in the form of a blue line that leads visitors across the whole area of the stand.

BMW IAA 2013


Man-made infinity at nearly 9,000 square meters of stand space.

BMW IAA 2013


9,100 km of driving pleasure was exper­ienced at the trade show stand: the exact distance the i3s covered on the infinite driving track.

In the BMW i lounge, the trade fair visitors can sit down in a relaxed atmos­phere and obtain infor­mation on BMW i’s offerings – on touch­pads or through the presenter-based show.

BMW IAA 2013

Collaborating Partners

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  • NIYU® media projects N. Hocke & T. Hofmann GbR