Mechanical systems humanized.

BMW 2011 IAA robotic exhibits


For the 2011 IAA presence at the fair, a new generation of hands-on exhibits was to be developed that allowed the “joy of discovering.”


Robots have fascinated humans for ages through the connection of technoid and human attributes – the best prerequisite for using them as an innovative trade fair tool and for achieving a unique interactive experience in doing so.


The “humanization” of the exhibits was the focus of the development. Each robot was given a unique character expressed in its behavioral and movement patterns. In parallel, these character traits were put into context with the technical features and design features of different BMW models. To make the robots come to life as much as possible, movement libraries were created together with the implementation partners and BMW.


A three-dimensional experience
The combination of digital media and robots developed its particular charm. Despite the security requirements and an extremely high technical complexity, the design of the core was kept simple, transparent and viewable from all sides. The stages equipped with a clear front panel were not subject to any design restrictions.

A sculptural approach
The BMW Individual and BMW M pursued a sculptural approach. While for the BMW Individual the robotics operated in the background, for BMW M, the robot literally stood at the center of the installation.

Plug & Play
The modular reusable design was conceived for global, multiple plug and play use at trade fairs and events. It illustrated complex topics in an experience-oriented, likeable, simple and interactive manner with a high degree of recognition. Only the displays on the inside of the stage were replaced for topics to be presented in the future, while the outer core and articulated arm robots were refurbished and recycled.

The combination of construction elements with touchscreens created a unique experience for the user. To achieve the highest degree of recognition possible, graphical elements and operating concepts were designed uniformly for all exhibits. This way, a comprehensive layout grid as well as the same operating routines created a high recognition value.


It turned into a highlight of the 2011 IAA. The interaction with the exhibits not only allowed visitors to marvel, but to also actively experience BMW’s innovation. Furthermore, MUTABOR developed a concept that translates the features and topics of the hands-on exhibits into an app for mobile devices.

Collaborating Partners

  • gate 11 audiovisuelle kommunikation GmbH, schluchtmann ek, MESO Digital Interiors GmbH, yellow design gmbh
  • Schusterjungen und Hurenkinder GmbH, Christian Pressler, Michael Papst, Sebastian Oschatz, Ulf Plihal, Andreas Eric Meyer