The future of flying.

Airbus Flying Green Experience Showcase 2013


We live in a single global economy, in which air travel creates the true “World Wide Web.” At the same time, we are becoming increasingly aware of our environment. MUTABOR was commissioned to develop an interactive visual concept for the mobile showcase entitled “The Future by Airbus: Flying Green Experience.” The showcase discusses these topics picking users up and carrying them to the future in the year 2050.

Idea and Process

The Flying Green Experience showcase is aimed at Airbus employees, airlines and the broader aviation sector in general. The exhibition is designed to raise awareness for the sustainability and future of aviation. It also showcases Airbus’ vision for air travel in 2050 within the context of technological developments, R&D, products and investments, as well as current industry commitments.

During the process, both creative and content-related challenges were addressed and met. In terms of design, the team dealt with the jump from constructed “square” forms to bionic “soft” forms. Whereas the biggest content-related challenge was to depict the time span from “now” up to the year 2050 while integrating the topic of sustainability.


A compact mobile showcase
The Airbus Flying Green Experience occupies an area of 10 meters x 10 meters.
The compact showcase is designed for mobile use. The surface is made entirely of 3-D-thermoformed Corian and is brought to life by means of a giant media display.

Helical layout
Visitors enter the helical structure of the showcase and are guided past 15 displays, some of them interactive, until they arrive at the centerpiece in the middle – the Airbus concept plane.

The centerpiece
The interactive Concept Plane and Concept Cabin presentations constitute the highlight and centerpiece of the Airbus Flying Green Experience. The layout is designed to give a sense of what it would be like to fly in the Concept Plane in 2050.
A rotating 3-D-printed bionic model of the Airbus Concept Plane is synchronized with three interactive stations that enable visitors to take themed camera tours around and through the virtual real-time 3-D model.

Progressive design language
The graphic concept draws its inspiration from the futuristic design of the Airbus Concept Plane. Like the shape of the current supporting structures, the graphic elements change shape in the course of the exhibition, moving ever closer towards becoming a bionic network. The colors also brighten as one moves towards the center.


This is an experience that makes the future become reality. The showcase focuses on the current challenges facing the aviation industry, while showing possible paths to a greener future.

Collaborating Partners

  • VRPE Team GmbH, wirmachenbunt Engler Fuchs GbR, Lindner Fotografie