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BMW at the Detroit Motor Show 2012

BMW at the Detroit Motor Show 2012

Under the claim ‘Athletics on the move’, BMW presents its new champion, the BMW 3 Series – the sportiest saloon in its segment – at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

With this structural gesture, Mutabor is putting its faith in the dynamism and aesthetic appearance of the new model, which makes the brand values ‘innovative’ and ‘aesthetics’ tangible and are aimed at the ‘sports’ aspect.

The extension to the hall walkway that leads to the BMW stand features a central point from which several F30 model vehicles appear to be approaching the stand in a radial form.

Thanks to a targeted media-technological presentation, this point appears to be outside the stand’s boundaries. The depth of the stand is extended by virtual means. The radial gesture cuts through the building and pulls itself – shaped by a ceiling element made from LED modules – into the hall.

Several BMW 3 Series vehicles standing at elevated levels play with the theme of diversity and contribute to the stand’s impressive long-distance impact.