To kick of the 2017/18 football season the Budesliga’s brand identity is debuting a new outfit. For the first time both the 2nd Budesliga and the DFL are getting their own logo.


Every German knows the German Bundesliga – but now they want to be more present internationally as a brand. This requires strong branding that both visualizes the heart of football and can be used around the globe with ease. Additionally, the logo is also to be digitally and flexibly adaptable.

Bundesliga Brand Refresh


The Budesliga doesn’t present themselves using a coat of arms or a flag. Rather they put the player at the center of the logo. That’s what football is all about: The player. The athlete. People. Different people from different nations in different clubs gathered together to play a game. Their passions, their skills and their personalities are what fan the flame of football fascination round the globe.


The player becomes the key visual for all B2B and B2C Bundesliga brands and sub-brands. The dynamic figure focuses on the ball and a successful game. The logo can be adapted to the different club colors to intensify this connection. The corporate design will be digital and modular with a new font and graphic set, which are derived directly from parts of the player. It caters to digital animation. And allows for greatly varied sizes, that come with digitization, but nonetheless what remains is the same: a dynamic player.