Re-Design in the premium segment

Logo and corporate design for Hapag-Lloyd.

125 years

For the 125-year anniversary of the cruise, »Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten« changed its name to »Hapag-Lloyd Cruises«. The name change simultaneously presented the perfect opportunity for a redesign of the brand logo. | Hapag-Lloyd Logo Re-Design


In the 1970s, Hapag-Lloyd was still firmly anchored in the container shipping business. Then in 1984, the brand set course for the cruise segment and founded »Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten«. Ever since, both companies have sailed under the same flag—with a shared logo for containers and luxury cruises.

The company used the occasion of the 125-year anniversary of the cruise to refine its appearance in the cruise segment, while also creating tangible separation between the »Luxury Cruises« and »Container shipping« segments. To reach this goal, a name change to »Hapag-Lloyd Cruises« as well as a redesigned visual appearance took place. The logo animation shows the development of the container ship brand to the new appearance.


The icon was modernized, the typography refined, the founding year, 1891, integrated. There was an evolutionary adaptation of the monogram to obtain a stronger market position and to reflect the brand.

The new visual appearance exudes generosity, unique hues and »Brown«—the new corporate typeface. As a finely constructed grotesque, »Brown« elicits associations with the birth of the cruise and the age of illustrated, high-quality advertising art.
Orange is no longer purely a signal color, but rather its newly mixed and refined shade evokes a setting sun. The brand color blue has been darkened significantly to better harmonize with »Sunset Orange«, received depth reminiscent of ocean blue to modestly underscore »Sunset Orange«. | Hapag-Lloyd Logo Re-Design | Hapag-Lloyd Logo Re-Design | Hapag-Lloyd Logo Re-Design

Limited poster set

Albert Ballin, the youngest Hapag director since 1888, sent the flagship »Augusta Victoria« on a pleasure trip to the Mediterranean in January. Although his colleagues thought he was insane, the week-long »Excursion«, on which Ballin himself joins as host, consisted of organized jaunts in-land on 13 different ports of call—a massive success. It’s the premiere of the modern cruise and the birth of sea tourism, which Hapag henceforth offered.
This period saw the then Hapag and northern German Lloyd gain widespread publicity with striking posters. To mark the 125-year anniversary, »Hapag-Lloyd Cruises« is outfitting its modern cruise fleet with a historical selection of the most prominent motifs. | Hapag-Lloyd Logo Re-Design


Reduction to the minimum, strict adherence to the new color code and the new brand logo with the campaign claim »Die Geschichte beginnt hier« are all binding stylistic elements that transport the graphic to the modern.