Mutabor is the new lead agency for Corporate Design for BayWa AG


Founded in Munich in 1923, BayWa AG is a listed trading and service company with nearly 17,000 employees around the world. Trading and logistics form the core competences for the agriculture, energy and building materials business segments.

As the lead agency, Mutabor provides BayWa support in maintaining, documenting and further developing BayWa’s image. Mutabor is also responsible for training and advising additional agencies on how to properly implement the corporate design. The joint collaboration will initially be visible in the communication of offerings, imagery and video formats. Furthermore, Mutabor developed a new pictogram archive to facilitate user navigation on BayWa’s online shop and additional company web presences.

Moreover, Mutabor, BayWa and their partners collaborated to develop additional relevant design projects. One of these projects includes a concept for visually linking the subsidiary company to the parent company BayWa.

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