Bewegung für Bewegung.

Bauerfeind Markenstrategie und Corporate Identity

For Bauerfeind, a leading global manufacturer of bandages, orthoses, compression stockings and orthopedic inserts, Mutabor completely revamped the brand presence and corporate design. Furthermore, we actively worked on the entire brand strategy, corporate identity development and creation of corporate design guidelines.

In September 2014, after a year-long collaboration, the new brand presence launched globally with the “Bewegung für Bewegung” (Motion for motion) campaign. The new online presence has been live since July 2015.

Bewegung für Bewegung online

In addition to a discrete modification to the font, the entire design concept, corporate typography and communication elements, such as imagery, tonality and color, were modified and modernized. The revamping of the design elements took place within the framework of a brand-consulting process, which optimized the core values of the Bauerfeind brand, as well as its communication positioning.

The global market leader (e.g. for knee orthopedics) is dedicated to incorporating emotional storytelling in the subconscious of its customers for the long-term. This is evinced in, among others, the “Bewegung für Bewegung” campaign. In the campaign, athletes, patients and doctors tell true, emotionally charged stories—to show how Bauerfeind products contribute to improved motion and movement in sports, at work and in everyday life.