Record-breaking year for Mutabor at ADC awards ceremony


At the 51st ADC awards ceremony, the largest and most prestigious creative competition in the German-speaking world, Mutabor set a new record by winning a total of 10 “Nails,” including 1 gold, 3 silvers, 6 bronzes and 3 honorable mentions.

Lingua 365” did especially well, racking up 1 silver, 3 bronzes and an honorable mention, in addition to the gold nail for the pictogram front page on the Hamburger Abendblatt daily. With the double-digit score, lingua365 cemented itself among the top-10 campaigns in the competition.

Another project that received multiple awards was the “digital voiceprint” project for the Deutsche Stimmklinik, taking home 2 silvers and an honorable mention.

Corporate Identity took home 2 bronzes, as did our packaging for the Hamburg editorial store Uzwei.

The Germany Art Directors Club awarded a total of 37 gold, 92 silver and 156 bronze nails, as well as 248 honorable mentions. The awards show took place on May 21st at the STAGE Operettenhaus opera house in Hamburg’s red-light district. Emceeing this year’s gala was actor and author Max Moor, and the after party took place in the famed Fischmarkt warehouse.

The results at a glance:

1 Gold
MUTABOR/Hamburger Abendblatt “Lingua 365” / Category Interdisciplinary Design/ Mixed Media Design

3 Silvers
Deutsche Stimmklinik “The Voiceprint” / Category. Design Discipline / Logo design
Deutsche Stimmklinik “The Voiceprint” / Category. Design Discipline / Extraordinary Design
MUTABOR Kalenderblog “Lingua 365” / Kat. Corporate Publishing Extern / Digital

6 Bronzes
Uzwei “Corporate Identity” / Category Interdisciplinary Design / CI / Brand Design
Uzwei “Packaging” / Category. Design Discipline / Packaging / Branding
MUTABOR Calendar blog “Lingua 365” / Category. Design Discipline / Calendar
MUTABOR Calendar blog “Lingua 365” / Category. Design Discipline / Design Extraordinary
MUTABOR Calendar blog “Lingua 365” / Category Illustration
adidas “terrex™ Showcase” / Category. Design Discipline / Room design

3 Honorable Mentions
MUTABOR Calendar blog “Lingua 365” / Category Digital Media / E-Publishing
Deutsche Stimmklinik “The Voiceprint” / Category Digital Media / Digital Innovation
MUTABORPass on the change. Collaborative Appearance.” / Category Design Discipline / Design Extraordinary

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