Making voices visible.

Corporate Identity for the Deutsche Stimmklinik (German Voice Clinic) 2014

As unique as a fingerprint

Every voice is one-of-a-kind. A voice is some people’s livelihood, as the professional lives of actors, singers, voice actors and narrators are dependent on a fully functioning voice. Should the timbre of their voice change, or should it fail, these professionals require treatment. And they get it at the first Deutsche Stimmklinik.

Linking medicine and design

At the Stimmklinik, each voice is auditorily analyzed and recorded in a multidimensional voice profile. Together with physicists from the Deutsche Stimmklinik, we challenged ourselves to simplify this complex representation and create a powerful visual brand.

Making voices visible

The quantitative analysis resulted in personalized spectrograms that were divided into their respective frequency sections. We then used a special matrix to plot the various spectral lines and thus transform voices into graphical language. These frequency domains correlate to the corresponding section in the matrix, thus providing us with an image that is as unique as a fingerprint.

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Stimme sichtbar machen

The voiceprint

With the voiceprint, we have created a brand that not only visualizes the uniqueness of the human voice, but one that is also a piece of medical progress. The logo of the Deutsche Stimmklinik simultaneously represents its founders and initiators. Today, the voiceprint is now a part of every patient file, meaning that each patient receives their own personalized version of the Stimmklinik logo — as individual as each voice.

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