ADC Festival campaign 2015 »Kreatives Gefahrengebiet« (Creative Danger Zone)


For the third time, Mutabor played a major role for the ADC Festival in Hamburg. This time was the first time Mutabor developed a video campaign in addition to the festival’s corporate identity.

The reason: as first-time hosts, St. Pauli wants to leave its mark on the ADC Festival and highlight this a one-of-a-kind place and its unique culture known around the world. The Kiez, as its known, and its red-light district are internationally renown as a rough-and-tumble neighborhood full of soccer, sex and entertainment. Not for the feint of heart, the city of Hamburg has declared St. Pauli a danger zone repeatedly in the past.

We asked ourselves: what could link creativity with the Kiez? Our answer: by declaring the Kiez a “creative danger zone.”

We wanted to prep festival visitors for this “week of danger.”

To this end, we decided to hear it straight from the people calling the Creative Danger Zone home with 12 viral films. Helping Mutabor make this dangerous proposition reality were OPTIX and director Bastian Kuhn. In these 12 films, we follow Kalle Schwensen, the groundskeeper for FC St. Pauli, owners of the famed club Über & Gefährlich, the women at the currywurst stand at Hamburg’s Pferdemarkt and many others. The uniqueness of the videos lies in the focus of the film, which is their opinions on creative and communication solutions—each answering in what they feel is their very own way. This led to unconventional clips teeming with humor, personality and living clichés. Over four months, there were thousands of views on Youtube and Facebook. Forming the campaign highlight was the cinema spot shown and Cinemaxx and Cineplex theaters throughout Germany.

The ADC Festival is a major German player and has long since arrived on the social web.
For Mutabor Brand Identity Content, this project was a logical extension of content for the ADC Corporate Identity at the 2015 festival—in the creative danger zone.

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