Intuitive control.

Visual design for the new Series 8 home appliances by Bosch

Central element: the ring

Mutabor provided visual design support (including graphics and layout) to the Bosch design team for the new Series 8 home appliances. At the center of Series 8 is the intuitive control ring, for which Bosch’s in-house design team developed an innovative interface. The control ring lets owners comfortably and accurately operate devices with just a finger.


At the heart of the ring is a thin-film-transistor (TFT) display, with which the status can be monitored, and whose central element is composed of circular indicator lines. Two TFT touch displays flank the control ring and guide owners through the menu options.

Design language — high-quality, reduced

As with the product design, the interface design is characterized by a high-quality and reduced style. The color spectrum is limited to black and white, with red as an additional accent color. Through subtle gradients, the surface gains depth, while transitions following the central ring element create a dynamic appearance.


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