The MUTABOR Brand Report


Which brand has the greatest momentum?

For several years, MUTABOR has been looking at the question of how brands overcome constant change in society, media, and technology, and considering what challenges companies face when it comes to successfully managing their brand over the long term.

Following on from the existing Brand Check , MUTABOR is now joining forces with media and marketing agency Vizeum to publish the MUTABOR Brand Report. This study considers which brands will help shape the future of their industry and the market as a whole, and examines which factors are decisive in determining the success or failure of a brand.

Whether the sharing economy, big data, or the Internet of things, ongoing digitalization has a far-reaching impact on brand management. What will brand leaders be forced to take into account when cars and apartments are shared, when an online vote is more important than brand image, and when existing touchpoints become less relevant? Will usability trump design? And what role will be left for classic emotional advertising messages?
Our aim is to get a complete picture of each brand – from communication to design and from brand essence to customer focus – and to answer those questions that remain unanswered in other rankings: What is it that makes brands successful? What changes do brands have to make now in order to remain successful over the long term? Which brands can others learn from?
The MUTABOR Brand Report tackles precisely these questions. It highlights the most important developments, presents insights, lessons, and best practices from three interdisciplinary fields, and documents the knowledge required by brand leaders if they are to manage their brands in an up-to-date manner.

You can find more information on the evaluation technique, the brand analysis model, and the judging process here.

The 100-page MUTABOR Brand Report will be available via Handelsblatt, the study’s media and distribution partner, from November onwards.
More information will follow shortly.

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