MUTABOR LINGUA365 – The graphical language of transformation


Design exhibition by MUTABOR at designxport.

The designxport design centre located in the ‘Elbarkaden’ arcade in the HafenCity is the new public venue for the livening-up of Hamburg as a design metropolis, as well as being a meeting point where views can be exchanged with local people and with colleagues from Germany and abroad.
Sponsored by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg’s culture department, designxport informs, exhibits, connects and communicates, while also offering on an ongoing basis up-to-date information regarding theory and research, trends and creative production.
Following its opening in June, we are now introducing ourselves – ‘Red Dot: Agency of the Year’ – as the creators of the first individual exhibition by a design agency at designxport.

The theme:
The graphical language of transformation

We have already documented our love for the culture of the perfect icon as the most important sign language in our international culture with our worldwide bestselling books LINGUA GRAFICA, LINGUA UNIVERALIS and LINGUA DIGITALIS, each of which contains thousands of pictograms.
Since the start of the year we have been giving expression to our very own graphical language in new ways every day in the digital calendar blog LINGUA 365: in the blog, we comment every day on current world events in the form of pictograms – events in world politics, happenings from the communications industry and pop-culture phenomena are given equal prominence through our “graphical spectacles”, re-interpreted and transformed into pictograms or small illustrations.

Our three-week exhibition MUTABORLINGUA 365 not only documents the 240 small works of art which have emerged up to now, but also inspires visitors to get involved. Up until the closing ceremony, 23 new pictograms will be created with the involvement of visitors, thereby enabling the exhibition to grow daily.
In addition to a private viewing, visitors experience award-winning projects and milestones from our own history while experiencing the different facets of design through our works.
At the lecture day on 11 September 2014, Heinrich Paravicini will be unveiling the award-winning LINGUA DIGITALIS project as part of a lecture and will also give insights into the success case’s development process.
We hereby extend an invitation to you to attend the opening event on Thursday, 28 August!

Hongkongstraße 8
20457 Hamburg
Starting 07.00 pm

We would be delighted to see you there!

Very best wishes,

Your Mutaborians

Press contact
Laura Maroldt
+49 40 80 80 23-181