TOM TAILOR brand relaunch


MUTABOR actualising the new TOM TAILOR brand presence and, in the process, staging a comprehensive visual presentation of TOM TAILOR’s strengths and attitude.

MUTABOR has taken the newly-developed brand strategy for the new presence into the product strategy phase in cooperation with TOM TAILOR’s brand communication and design department. MUTABOR is also in charge of branding, labeling and packaging.
The rebranding of TOM TAILOR was presented for the first time at the leading fashion fair Bread & Butter, which was held in Berlin from 14 to 16 January.

Since it was founded in 1962, TOM TAILOR has developed as a fast-growing, internationally oriented brand. It is aimed at consumers who attach importance to individuality, self-confidence and activity and who reside in dynamic urban surroundings. These very aspects are combined optimally in the new brand concept. TOM TAILOR will maintain its mid-market position in the future, too, but will position itself as a ‘New Urban Player’ – accordingly, the new brand identity will be ‘Life is a game, play it, be confident, dress in style’.

The design combines sportive elements with urban, metropolitan trends: in the future, TOM TAILOR collections will be subdivided into three high-calibre lifestyle worlds that reflect the brand’s new attitude: Urban – Fashion – Gear.

The new TOM TAILOR brand concept’s visuals integrate historical brand content and modern style elements. The foundation year of 1962, for example, will become a part of the brand presence. The logo will continue to feature the letters ‘TT’ and contain the brand name – its post-relaunch visuals, however, will be lighter, more up-market and clearer. As regards colours, the new TOM TAILOR branding will also be setting a new tone with the ‘T Stripes’: in addition to blue, a vibrant pink that radiates dynamism will be used for the first time.

The new TOM TAILOR brand presence will be implemented in the company’s communication and in the retail area during the course of the year. The rebranding will become evident to consumers from August 2014 onwards.

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