Brand, quo vadis?

The Share Economy, Big Data, the Internet of Things – progressing digitisation has far-reaching repercussions for brand work. With cars and apartments now being shared, conventional customer touch points are losing their relevance. When big data applications play into the hands of fashion e-commerce with personal recommendations, the classic retail brands appear far more inflexible in comparison. The Internet of Things is confronting classic electronic hardware providers with new customer requirements. And we have to ask ourselves: are brands prepared for these new challenges?

Together with the media and marketing agency Vizeum and twelve well-known brand experts, the design agency MUTABOR investigates which brands co-determine the future of their field and that of the entire market.

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Which brand has the greatest momentum?

The MUTABOR Brand Report looks into the factors that can weigh the balance between the success or failure of a brand. It evaluates how adaptable brands are, presents insights, learnings and best practices from three inter-disciplinary fields and at the same time highlights the most important developments that brands have to face today.

Who are the top performers who have adjusted to the new market situation? And what can the brand agencies learn about modern brand management from them?

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